Monday, August 6, 2012

SSL Unblocker YouTube | 2012

youtube ssl unblockerOne of the most sought after proxy unblocks for the Internet is for YouTube. Millions of people everyday are firewalled from accessing certain video sites during work hours, and YouTube is the biggest threat to decrease productivity. Over the past 2 years, a growing number of services have popped up offering unrestricted access to video sites, but none have lasted longer than 6 months.

So how does it work?
If a person finds themselves "blocked" from YouTube acces on their computer, a simple Google search can unveil multiple IP address and sites that specialize in making sure the freedom of the Internet is available to everyone. These SSL Unblockers bypass regular processes by anonymozing user data encryption and transmits via a global network of servers. As long as the SSL proxy is correctly set up, the web surfer and access YouTube by using these services.


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